Best photo hosting site?


beer and bikes
Feb 6, 2003
Portland, OR
Suggestions... OFoto? Shutterfly? Kodak? What's everyone using to host pics? Any advantages of one over another?

Thanks in advance! :)


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Nov 15, 2002
Charlotte, NC
Photobucket rules all. Aside from Ridemonkey of course.

Seriously it is SO easy, it resizes pictures automatically (if you just use the freeware). If you upgrade you have the option to do either. It does not make your guests "register" to view your pictures.

here is the included SPAM



The RM Mad Scientist
Feb 19, 2002
berkeley, ca
i use a Site call SMUGMUG and will be dificult to be happier. I'm a lamme computer person, so is perfect for me everything is right there at your finger tips.

Here is my own gallery as a example the sistem is so cool you can even upload fotos from your movil phone just by "calling the site" (i think is even a patent exclusive feature) so others can see what you are doing right when is hapenning, very useful features for reporters and i guess for events like interbike when you want to be the first to have a picture of some cool bike on the net..

is not free but the advantages are so much i don't really care


Mar 5, 2004
Melrose MA
i have both photobucket and imageshack.
i have a bunch of pics on photobucket and its a good service, but limited in size
imageshack is unlimited but you cant orgainze them into subgroups (or i havent figured it out yet)


Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2004
wine country
Photo Bucket is the best.

my photo bucket album

-you can upload from your phone
-auto resizes
-gives you url, tag, img tags
-you can make albums and sub albums
-premium memebership $20/year - I think unlimited pics
-on the site you can upload up to 19 at a time (you have to click browse for each picture
-if you download an uploader, you can copy up to 20 of files into it (with out clicliking browse each time for the next picture