beyond bikes ripped me off


Nov 26, 2006
Zack has been a great person to deal with and have used beyond bikes allot and never had a bad experience,I have talked to Kerry though and he has his days,Zack is the best person to do any deals on, in my opinion
Zack has been great here & VERY helpful. I ordered a set of Atomlab rims. spokes & torque nips 2 mos ago. STILL WAITING on the rims to be "in stock" were "backordered". I called Mike today @ Atomlab & he was very helpful telling me the person ordering for Beyond talked w/ him today & AGAIN FAILED to order my rim for the last time. He (Mike) called me back to say the stopped answering the phone a little early (2 hrs) today & he would try tomorrow. I am tired of Beyond, been a customer of theirs for years & years (mostly because of stock & prices) which is changing tomorrow. Zack is a fine cutomer service/ sales person he needs to find a better place to work. They advertised this in March as a sale item buy failed to tell me it was out of stock (as they alweays do). I even had a co. charge me 2 day air after waiting 1 mo. to be shipped (out of stock too). Seems to me @ this time in out economic crisis people would try a little harder to keep the few customers they still have. Far too much competition out there to stay w/ these companies...:plthumbsdown:


Aug 14, 2009
so cal
FYI: airbomb is Beyond Bikes.
YES - that is True, Beyond and AIR-BOMB are the SAME store. I have delt with Both Facades and had no negative experiences, but these stories concern me.
Universal Cycles has always come through for me and i like their 15% discounts on orders over $300, plus NO SALES TAX to California and expert Shipping and Tracking always! ....yahoo!


Nov 14, 2002
Bay Area
I hear Airbomb and Beyond Bikes are the same and then I hear they are not. All I really know is I ordered a Mavic 823EX rim that I was having trouble finding in stock and with a decent price. Airbomb had the best price online, I called for availability, the guy put me on hold for 30 seconds, came back and said he could have it at my door in Norcal in 2 days and this was at 3pm. I also got to use the 10% discount advertised on mtbr.coms homepage and that more than paid for the tax. I had the wheel at 10am two days later. I was impressed and have no problem ordering from them again.

David SD38

May 25, 2005
El Cajon
I wrote this over two years ago. They have since made good on the BS that total AHOLE Kerry caused. I sure hope for their sake he is no longer with them. I have never been back since this started even though I live close by their store. But if they have fixed their problems, good luck!
Same problem with me give the business to the local lbs waited 2weeks to get the part and then he ordered the wrong part your fin kidding me right !!! so it was 3 weeks later after i orderd it on line 3 wks of missed riding..
Jun 25, 2008
i've had badddd experiance with Beyond bikes.. and i have 2 other people in hawaii here say the same thing.. the shipping takes forever cause they don't have it.. and their communication is sooo poor in this regard.
i stopped using them 4 years ago when i started, Jenson.. or pricepoint for me.