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Turbo Monkey
Feb 28, 2005
Pa. / North Jersey
Sadly I too have had issues with these guys.

Back in 07' I ordered a Dainese suit that I needed for a race and gave them my new updated address. The suit never came and I found out from tracking that it got sent to my old address at school. The guys who lived in my old place actually had UPS pick up the suit and return it. I asked BeyondBikes to re-ship it to my new address... and they f-ing mailed it to the same WRONG address a SECOND time in a row...

A few years later I tried to order something from them - had moved again so I had another new address - and they yet again shipped it to the WRONG address... UNREAL. I spoke with one of the guys in shipping and he told me that they have 2 seperate and completely different computer systems - 1 for orders, and 1 for shipping. Somehow in their busniess model - neither system communicated with the other (*face palm*) which explains the constant f-ups with address change.

Interesting Side Note: I never had problems with them from 2003 through 2005. Sometime during 2006 it all went to hell for some reason. I sincerely hope Cambria can un-phuck their situation.
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demo 9

Turbo Monkey
Jan 31, 2007
north jersey
A few people i know just never got their stuff, or refunded, but i do agree with them being good from 03-05. I have ordered from them before they went to sh1t.
I waited around for 9 days for my last order to ship before getting fed up. I called both numbers and was put on hold forever. Hitting 0 to leave a message got me a busy signal, and nobody was logged into their "live chat" thing on their website. I finally sent them a nasty e-mail canceling my order and telling them that any charges to my credit card would be reported as fraud. Wish I'd seen this thread before I ordered.

Universal Cycles is awesome, and had all of the above stuff for the same prices in my hands in 3-4 days from ordering.


Detective Dookie
Nov 10, 2005
media blackout
Ordering from Beyond Bikes is like having unprotected sex with a girl you just met at the bar. Sometimes you get lucky and its great. Sometimes you're not lucky and she steals your wallet while you're asleep and gives you the clap.


filthy rascist
May 13, 2005
Front Range, dude...
Ordering from Beyond Bikes is like having unprotected sex with a girl you just met at the bar. Sometimes you get lucky and its great. Sometimes you're not lucky and she steals your wallet while you're asleep and gives you the clap.
Awesome. I cant beleive that joke of a shop is even still in business. Next time I am in SD I am going to the actual place. Just for giggles...


Turbo Monkey
Nov 28, 2004
Bike.com and BeyondBikes.com
Welcome all BeyondBikes.com customers! BeyondBikes.com joined the Bike.com family in April of 2010. If you have shopped with BeyondBikes.com in the past, know that you're in good hands with the team at Bike.com.

If you'd like to contact us regarding an order you placed with BeyondBikes.com prior to April of 2010, please send us an email at service@bike.com and we'll do whatever we can to help.
cool story bro


May 1, 2007
Carnation/Spokane, WA, USA
i have vowed to never order from them (beyond or airbomb) again. out of my 4 orders with them, 3 have been messed up. its just not worth the hassle. the worst was when i ordered 3 things that they listed as IN STOCK: an fsa whip cap, a rockshox speed lube kit, and a quart of fork lube oil. it took them 3 weeks to mail it to me, and when i got it, the package contained the whip cap and a shock bushing install/removal tool (WTF?). i didn't order that...when i called them, they said they should have sent me an email about not being able to get the oil at all and another saying it would take a little longer to get the rest of the stuff from the distributor. i got neither of these (and they have told me similar things with both of my other f-ed up orders). then it took them another 3 weeks and multiple phone calls to get their $h!t sorted out and get me my parts. i am DONE with them for good.

pricepoint, jensonusa, and universal cycles are the BEST sites to order from. i have placed multiple orders from each and have always been pleasantly surprised at how fast they get me ALL of what I order without the BS that beyond gives me.

:end rant:


Turbo Monkey
Nov 18, 2004
I wish I would have read the last two messages. I ordered from air bomb over a week ago and finally was charged today by beyond bikes. I was fvcking pissed.