Bicycle Swapmeet. 4/3/16

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    Reseda, next to the karate kid.

    We get ½ the parking lot. One spacer per person, you may have to unload and go park your car on the street. First come first serve. No set up or parking in the alley. Bring your shade/chair/change. Bring your stuff. Selling things for cheap makes them go away and money appear in your pocket otherwise there is ebay. Free the sell, free to shop from 7am till noon. Trade with your buddies, have fun watching the pair of mags you sold two swaps ago move from blanket to blanket.

    Tips for sellers:

    Bring things that are a deal to make some money, have 5, 10, 20 dollar things. If you want top dollar ebay prices for things you will most likely be taking that stuff home with you. People are looking for a bargain.

    Also, how good the swap is is up to you, please spread this info to all your friends so we have more bikes, more parts and thus more fun! I need you to help me make it better. Thanks!


    Atomic Cycles
    17322 Saticoy
    Van Nuys, Ca 91046


    Sunday April 3rd from 7am till noon.


    Have fun make a few bucks.

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