Bicyclist Hit, Killed

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Oct 18, 2002
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Bicyclist Hit, Killed In Brevard County
December 7, 2005

A 20-year-old bicyclist was killed early Wednesday after a car collided with him near the intersection of Adamson Road and State Road 524 in West Cocoa, the Florida Highway Patrol told Local 6 News partner Florida Today.

The accident happened just after midnight.

Brevard County Fire Rescue paramedics were called to the crash site -- about a mile west of Interstate 95 -- and found the bicyclist dead on arrival.

The bicyclist, identified as Edward Grasser of Cocoa, was not wearing a helmet and did not have proper reflective lights on his bicycle, officials said.

Florida Highway Patrol investigators said the bicyclist was travelling southbound when a 1992 Toyota driven by a 17-year-old struck him from behind, according to Florida Today.

Alcohol was not involved, officials said. No charges were filed Wednesday.

No one else was injured.


Turbo Monkey
Dec 19, 2004
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Tenchiro said:

I pictured a guy without a shirt and with a mullet when I read this story.
That's what I was picturing, like a guy one would see on "Cops" riding from his single-wide (not that there is anything wrong with living in a single-wide) to the corner "beverage" store.