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Feb 25, 2004
I just wanted to point out that Big Tree Bikes is putting together an expanded race team for 2012. Flip over to their website bigtreebikes and click on Northwest Racing for more info! Should be cool.
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Jan 31, 2004
Wanted to give this a quick bump! Application window closes at the end of December, so get your resumes in! You can send them to me at Jerry@bigtreebikes.com

Here's the info that can be found both on our Facebook group, as well as on our website:

Through the growth of Downhill racing, as well as Super D racing here in the Northwest, we've watched people grow, improve, and have a great time! We're stoked to see people getting out there and shredding on their bike weapon of choice.
So for 2012 we're doing things a little bit different here at Big Tree. In the past two years we've done a Youth Development Program which has gone quite well. We've had Jonathan Allyn and Kevin Littlefield shredding with Big Tree Bikes. We are continuing with the Youth Development Program, and we have also decided to open it up a bit to other racers as well.
We're now accepting applications for all level of Junior racers for Downhill as well as Super D. We are also opening this sponsorship opportunity to Pro and Cat 1 level racers of all ages!
We are also starting a program that we're calling "Friends of Big Tree" which will be open to all ages and all race categories. "Friends of Big Tree" will be a fairly small group of people that will receive modest support from Big Tree Bikes to help with their efforts in the mountain bike community with racing and non racing events.
We are accepting applications for the Youth Development Team, the Cat 1 and Pro Team, as well as Friends of Big Tree and will close the application window as of December 31st, 2011.
We will only be accepting a select few, so get those applications in soon!
Please email your resume' to Jerry@BigTreeBikes.com, or stop by and drop it off!
-Big Tree Bikes