bighit dh... is this a good deal

Nov 12, 2004
A guy at the shop I work at is selling his 02 bighit DH. The part spec is as follows. 02 bighit dh frame with aftermarket 9 inch link. Fox RC 8.75x2.75. 01 boxxer with 03 ti nitrate stanctions. King headset. easton bar and stem. Almost new set of mag 30s. Xtr Cranks and derailer. New casset and chain.

$1300 usd

I know this bike has bee well maintained, but it is still old.
Do you think I should go for it or not.


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Feb 28, 2005
Pa. / North Jersey

Check the frame for cracks - in particular around the tabs at the rear of the bike where the shock link bolts to the frame(located above the BB). I had the 02' BigHit Comp in Satin White - I think the DH model from that year came in "Scab Red" if I'm not mistaken.

Brand new my BigHit Comp was around $2700, so the DH was even more than that.

If the frame has no cracks in the area mentioned, and the fork doesn't leak oil, or have any problems, I'd say it's a good deal. Take it for a test ride around the block. Do a few bunny hops, a drop or two, then check it again. If all is well go for it.
Nov 12, 2004
Yeah the frame has no cracks and the fork isn't leakin any oil. Plus the guy im buying it from does the warrentys at the shop so i would be fine if it cracked


Turbo Monkey
May 25, 2005
Ah...it seems like an okay deal. I sold one a while ago for $750, which was basically the same bike, but I sold it with a newer Boxxer, with the black box upgrade.

To be honest, I have seen some '02 M1s and '02/'03 Giant DH comps for around the same price. Check around and see what you can find. If you bought it, I wouldn't say you got ripped off, but you may be able to find something else within that price range...

Other than that, it is a great bike, and you should be fine if any warranty issues come up...


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Dec 16, 2003
Pac NW
Seems kind of spendy to me considering you can get a brand new comp for 1200 at the shops. If you work at a Spesh shop, you can get a lot more w/ your money thru your ep too. The 02 was one of the more over priced big hits, because they really lowered the entry level in 03/04.


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Sep 13, 2004
This is the classic example of what it is worth vs what people are willing to pay for. The whole bike might worth $1500, but considering the age and the many improvements to the Specialized line, it is not worth that much.

You could hardball him for $1000, but $1200 does not seem too bad of a deal.