Bighit upgrade question 26'er


Oct 26, 2001
Ok heres the deal, I want a 26 inch rear wheel on my bighit. The 06 bighits havea 26 rear and a asymetrical rear chainstay. If i purchased just the seatstay would it work or am i stuck getting the betd one?
also, with the new rear 26, would that really jack the geo that much? i have a boxxxer with a drop crown that can be pushed up another inch.
thanks y'all


Aug 30, 2002
I have the BETD 26" seat stay, it's a very decent product and it has pro's and con's (ofcourse)

I'm switching back to the 24" because :
- I don't race
- I don't like the long wheelbase, it's 46.6" on a Large
- I don't like the 17.8" chain stay, it's hard to get the front wheel up etc.
- my head angle is too steep with the 26", I like a really slack HA (with a 8.5" and 2.5" stroke shock it's better, but still 67.5*)

So I'm going back to the 24" rear, but I keep the BETD for high speed tracks, wide open turns and non-technical stuff.
The winter is coming and the bikeparks are closing, so I have to ride the slow-technical-switchback-stuff around my house.