Bike fever...which should I buy?


Apr 19, 2014
I'm hung up between a 2012 Newest 1.0 used (seller said never ridden because of surgery) 2014 2.1 Sportif Fuji and 2014 Fuji 2.3 Sportif

The Sportif 2.1 with taxes will cost me around $800. After that I sill need to purchase pedals which look to be around another $50. So essentially the bike will cost $850. The Newest seller said he would be fine selling the bike for $700, but that comes with pedals and cleats ($150 difference). I've been to multiple shops and my size always seems to be 58 cm although I do have long legs and short torso (6' 1/2", 35" bike inseam).

For my budget I think I would feel most comfortable with the price point of the Sportif 2.3 $700 with taxes.

My dilema is I could get the Newest for about the same price as the 2.3, but I won't have the benefit of support from a shop (my lbs has been around forever and has a great reputation). If I went with the 2.3 is it worth giving up a little in bike to have the support? Also, how do you all feel these bikes compare.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's responses. It's finally starting to warm up in Michigan and I want to buy a bike and start riding!


Aug 18, 2017
What type of bike you want to buy. MTB, Hybrid or road bicycle? What is your budget? where are you from?
Can you buy a bike from online? There are a lot of decent bikes seller in online. You can head over to Amazon.