Bike gloves for beginners


Feb 4, 2008
Hello guys, a gather a lot of information about bike gloves at one site.
general info, tips, material guide, sizing guide, selection of gloves based on real riders experience, own rating system and more.


Gloves are essential for minimizing hand numbness, providing crash protection and just make riding more enjoyable. You will find you can ride for longer distances in more comfort if you have them. They also improve your grip and absorb sweat. (Sweat-absorbing terry cloth is built into thumb and index finger area). Gloves are also good for cleaning off glass shards or tar chips from the wheel.

The price of gloves can be from $15 to $40. Winter bicycle gloves with insulant and windshield can cost over than $50. Top bike gloves manufacturers are Troy Lee Design, Fox, SixSixOne, Pearl Izumi and Louis Garneau