Bike Logan/Cure SMA Event - Sunday, June 3rd at SomaR Bar, Oakland


Jun 2, 2012
Oakland, CA
On Sunday, June 3rd at SomaR Bar in Oakland at 6pm, the Bike Logan/Cure SMA crew will be holding a fundraising event with 15 percent of bar proceeds going to the organization and a free drawing giving away some goodies from local bike shops.

Bike Logan/Cure SMA (www.bikelogan.com) was formed earlier this year by two women (Holly and Virginia) from Santa Fe, New Mexico to raise money and awareness for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, the number one genetic killer of children under the age of two. This disease is one that scientists think they can find a cure for in our lifetime, but awareness and fundraising are vital.

As a way to raise money and awareness, Holly and Virginia left their jobs, sold their belongings, and are spending one year traveling the United States in a RV and racing in mountain bike races. To date, they have raced in Colorado and Idaho, and will be racing at Hammerstein in Monterey next weekend and at Tahoe on June 16th.

Holly and Virginia and their supporters in the Bay Area will be at SomaR Bar tomorrow at 6pm, having drinks and raising money for SMA. SomaR Bar is located at 1727 Telegraph Ave in Oakland (19th Street BART is the closest stop). Please join us to raise money and awareness for this important cause!