Bike Question for Ryan Palmer (and others)


Jul 25, 2019
In 2015 I bought a new Trance Adv 1. I upgraded the rear to a debonair and Pike 130/160mm in the front. I live in Kelowna, BC and 99% of my rides are XC trails and love how racy and light/playful the Trance at 130mm feels when climbing but also enjoy the slack 160mm when heading down - best of both worlds!

In late 2017 I bought a new Norco Sight C9.1 thanks to your Bible review :) Although the Sight is quite a bit heaver than the Trance, I really enjoy the 29er as well. I'd say I like both bikes (tire size) equally.

I'll be selling my Trance to a family member next year which means I'll be in the market for a new bike!

This is what I'm really struggling with. What bike(s) to consider????

I think I want to stick with a 27.5 since I already have a sweet 29er in the Norco.

If this was you, which bike would you look at to replace my Trance with?