Bike swap???


Turbo Monkey
Jan 6, 2003
In the hills around Seattle
So I was asking someone today, "isn't the bike swap coming up pretty quick?"
The responce was, "yes, it's today."
Whats the deal? Is it just not worth going to anymore?
I searched the forum and found my own post after the expo from last year saying we were packed and bailed our early because no one was there.

Seems to me that the worst decision ever was breaking up the expo and the swap.
Has attendance fallen off for all the disiplines (road, touring, etc) or does it just seem that way to me being a mountain type guy?

Oh well, I guess I'll have to do my "pre-swap sale" post swap this year...


skin cooker for the hive
Dec 6, 2001
Witness relocation housing
I got the notice for the event a while back and thought I should register... but then didn't.. I really don't have much bike stuff to sell anymore so its sorta pointless. last year was pretty dismal for sure....


Sep 29, 2004
I was thinking that someone should organize an event for Mt.Bikers only.Free spaces and free entry.Anybody know of a space to use.Kind of just a gathering so everybody can see if we can help each other out get geared up for this season.


Turbo Monkey
Feb 9, 2004
South Seattle
I went and attendance was as good as I've ever seen it. At 9:30, the line was 30min long to get in.
I must say however, that the majority of the crowd wasn't of the dirt variety. It wasn't even of the geared variety.
I scored some deals though.