Biker Fox: The Movie


The Official Meat of Ridemonkey
Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
Just the other day I was thinking how long it's been since he has graced the Monkey with his awesomeness.
His myspace page is downright disturbing. He has a ton of pictures of him and like 13 year old girls, its one of those things that makes you shake your head to rattle the image right out, or something you would like to stab yourself in the forehead to gouge out your minds eye cause its imprinted after you see it


Turbo Monkey
Oct 12, 2001
I think bikerfox is the one laughing here... at all of us for giving him so much attention over the years.

Much of the video was exactly what I kind-of expected... there was one thing that caught me off guard. What was with the weird yelling/screaming? I expected something much friendlier given all the prancing around on the screen