Bikesomewhere.com's Jeff stone is a SWINDLER


Turbo Monkey
Jul 3, 2004
Vashon, WA
Bikesomewhere does not have it's own warehouse.

Bikesomewhere bills you before they order the part.

Bikesomewhere billed me and never shipped for 5 days.

Jeff Stone is a greasy bastard that won't answer his phone.

He is unpleasant to do business with.

For approximately ten days we were out some money, and the helmet never came.

For christmas my dad hoped to replace my worn out DJ helmet with a full face. He decided on the carbon fiber MadMax II.
I suggested he buy it at JensonUSA or Pricepoint (OK... I am a consumer whore, but I live on an island, and our bike shop is way expensive.)
Instead, he decided to buy it at Bikesomewhere.com
BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The helmets shipping was delayed for a ridiculous amount of time.
So after a week or so we canceled our order.

Here's why he's a greasy bastard, he told us that it shipped, then said he couldn't give us a tracking number because of the storm in the midwest.

BULLSHPT :nuts: :nope: :( :angry:


Mar 8, 2003
well Giro has a 20 Helmet or $500 minimum order, thats why I asked, maybe his order was delayed? They are also dont deal to "internet only" shops, so I would think the seller was legit...maybe his shpment was delayed...stuff happens. If you got a better deal than Jensons then he didnt make much on the helmet anyways. Hope you get the product..he definatley shoulda gave you the tracking number though.
Jan 30, 2005
1. We do warehouse our products.
2. We have been in business for over 3 years now.
3. Customer was notified of delay in shipping of order, as we were out of stock of size of helmet.
4. We send all customers confirmation with tracking number when order ships, and most orders are shipped within 1-2 days of them being placed.


Feb 2, 2003
1. I have a bike
2. Its silver
3. It has gears
4. the tires are made of rubber

Hope that clears things up