Biking and hiking map apps questions.


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Apr 14, 2007
We have a trail system where people get lost all the time. The land managers wanted us to paint blazes on rocks and trees. I want to post several signs that have info on them telling people that the maps are available on their phone. Google Maps will show you right where you are on your phone and what direction you're heading. What other apps are handy and quickly downloadable at the trail head to help people find their way around? Trailforks? Strava? Do they show you where you are at that moment? That's what We're looking for. I know Apple and Google stopped cooperating a couple years ago and Apple came out with their own map system. Any idea if it works good, or if it's worth using in a lost situation? Thanks


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Sep 21, 2003
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I use a combo of Trailforks & MTBProject - this seems to cover *most* of the legit trails that are available.

These both show you where you are, even if there is no mobile signal (uses phone's GPS) - you *do* need to make sure you download the area you are in if you expect to not have a mobile signal.
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May 29, 2011
For bike and multi-use trails, TrailForks is the way to go. The only slow part to it, is that you (the community) need to map out the trails. And given its community driven, its only as accurate as what you put into it. I've found the best way to add trails accurately, is to either hike/ride the trail and record the GPS track or import it from Strava.

Once you have everything mapped out, there is a nice trail map printing feature available in it.


Jul 11, 2019
OsmAnd performed quite nicely when I crossed the US west-to-east. The cartography is mediocre, but the app's feature set is excellent, and the data quality is quite good. You can download entire states or countries at a time, roads-only or with points of interest, and optionally with hillshades and elevation contours.