biking in Sapin- Madrid

cpt. leaf

Sep 3, 2007
Hey I'm moving to madrid in about a month. The problem is I cant take with me more than two bikes. My question is: 1where is the nearest dh track in or from madrid because i want to take my dh rig. 2Are there any spots in the city where i could ride that kinda bike 3 could you send me some info about the local bmx race track how's it open any entrace fees? 4 general info about riding spots beacause once Ill be ther I dont want to waste time on searching.... 5 will a bmx and a dh bike be a reasoneable choice of bikes for this part of spain, cheers and thanxfor help


Jul 23, 2007
for DH you must go to the near mountains of "guadarrama", at 50-60kms, you can go in the train even near the top of the mountains.
there you have some DH tracks, very technical

but those mountains are better for allmountain