Biking Video Opportunity - RIDERS NEEDED!


Jul 18, 2012
Vancouver, BC
Attention cycling enthusiasts, bicycle artists, BMX riders, and flatlanders…we need your help!

Montreal, QC, Canada is a GREAT city for cyclists! Enthusiasts of all ages and aptitudes enjoy biking down boulevards and narrow streets, through expansive green parks, and into charming, hidden alleyways and spaces that even some locals don’t even know exist.

We want to raise awareness for that fact, so Think! Social Media, on behalf of Tourism Montréal, is producing four social videos (60-90 sec. in length) featuring bicycle artists, BMX riders, and flatlanders performing tricks at iconic places in the Eastern Townships and Montreal.

The end result? What we hope for is engaging videos showcasing the location that cyclists, fans of cycling and their friends will want to share. Of course, the videos can’t be shot without the stars of the show: you, the riders. We’d like to invite you and/or your friends to take part in one or more of the videos!

If you’re that rider with crazy skill or know of anyone with great talent, we’d love to get your contact information and a video clip of some tricks!

We are shooting on August 3rd - 4th, 2012 in and around the city and the Eastern Townships. Before the shoot, we would like to set up a meeting via Skype to go over the details. So please get in touch ASAP if this is something you’d like to participate in and let us know your availability on those days.

** An Important Note **
Unfortunately, Tourism Montreal cannot provide financial compensation for being part of the videos, but participating will be a great opportunity to promote yourself, your crew, and your city. Of course, any other expenses such as accommodation, food, and travel costs will be covered by Tourism Montreal.

Please contact me at thomas@thinksocialmedia.com

- Thomas