Black Market Bikes 2011: The Roam is Coming!


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Jun 26, 2009

Black Market continues its push into the full suspension market for 2011 with their new all mountain bike, the Roam. They will also have their full dirt jump/street line for 2011, with some new paint and features for all.

Black Market's line of bars includes the Molly Hatchets, Way Lows and Bada Booms. The Mollys are 29" wide and have either 2 or 3 inches rise with 8 deg backswee and 6 upsweep. The Bada Booms are either 28, 29 or 30 wide, with 8 backsweep and 6 upsweep as well. New for 2011 is the Way Low bar, which is 31 wide and has .75" rise, perfect for downhilling.

The new Roam frame was Black Market's big release for 2011. An official availability date has not been set, but you can expect to see it sometime late next year. It has 145mm of travel and is designed to tackle all mountain rides while still being versatile enough for jumping.

The Killswitch frame will remain unchanged for 2011, with 100mm of X-Fusion O2 assisted travel and weighing in at 7lbs with the shock.

Don't expect to see this hand-polished Killswitch in stores or available as an option, it was damn expensive to make!

Black Market's hardtail line for 2011 will include the Malice, the Soldier, the Contraband and the NSF.

More information about Black Market's 2011 bikes and parts can be found at their website!