blueskycycling crank problem

Aug 6, 2007
amish country
So i ordered a set of cranks from Bluesky. when i checked them out on bestbikebuys.com they were 79.00 and when i went to buy them they came up as 35$. Wow thats sweet.

then they called me today and said...um....we...um....sold...out of those and....um..... they are all gone....They werent taking back orders for them either....b/c they sold better than they expected....BS. Thats fine. then i remembered about the price difference from the night before. So i called back and the guy said they were 2007's and they arent even on the webpage anymore. So i check the link b/c i emailed my buddy. Suprisingly the link still worked and takes you to the 79$ cranks that are 2008's. I am 90% about what i bought last night.

i dont expect them to honor a mistake in their system that could have had huge problems for them and i dont expect a business to operate at a loss, but if they came back and lied to me about why it was gone i will never shop there again.

i cant say i really got screwed b/c i didnt save a screen shot of the things i bought. Things feel really weird talking to them though and i was just curious if anyone else had the old switcharoo done to them last night? WHo cares about the price....I cant buy something from someone that lies to me though.


Aug 25, 2008
Not really sure what happened to you but I have purchased a set of cranks from them a while back and although the shipping seemed to take a little longer then normal the cranks showed up as promised and worked just fine. You may have just been a victim of system error and an inexperienced customer service rep...


Sep 6, 2004
Pacific Northwest
Yeah, what he said goes for me too. I've been pretty happy with the service, products and prices offered by Bluesky. Stuff happens sometimes, but most of the time, they provide quality service. Doesn't sound like you lost money or anyone took something away from you; consider yourself lucky and roll on:happydance: