bmx frame for trials?


Apr 13, 2008
Would a 20" bmx make due for a mod trials frame. I'm just starting out trials and am not ready to drop serious money on a trials bike. BMX frames have the strength, so with a longer stem and good brakes could it make a decent trials bike to start off with or is the geometry not conducive to the trials style?

The main reason I ask is that used trials bike seem not readily available as for BMX stuff is every where.



Jul 4, 2008
Rochester, NY
I think anything beyond rear hops and bunny hops wouldnt work out too well...

From what Ive heard people have TRIED to turn their BMX into a mod...but always ends in disaster...just look for a used trials bike I got my stock echo for $450

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Mar 19, 2006
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i say go for it, can be fun to build and improve and mess around with if you are doing it for dirt ass cheap. i'm talkin like $100 total, strictly old free junk build. find a cheap race bike with V brakes. all depends on how good you are at ghetto rigging stuff. dont remember the specifics of how i did it but i think i got an adapter to run square taper cranks in a american BB and ran the 22t granny and a homemade bash ring out of a few chainrings or pieces of aluminum or something. a bash plate would be best.
get a v brake plate for the bmx fork or a 20" kids fork with v brake mounts. find a cheap set of maguras but just v brakes can work if you tar. run the widest knobby you can find in the rear and like a 2.1 front. grind and tar rims. figure out what bar height you want, cruiser bars maybe? bmx bars will be a bit tall.

other (better, easier) options are to buy a cheapo real mod bike like a steel monty x alp(hydros bash plate, fat rear think i sold mine for like $300 when i got sick of trials) or build a stock bike out of some small ass hardtail. stock bikes arent as fun as mods imho but much easier to ride around and much less ghetto rigging required than building up a bmx bike. have fun either way, this **** brings back memories of my trials days.
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Nov 28, 2011
its should be okay to do i biult a trials out of my x-games bmx it worked amazing i used a sproket from a 16" bmx and put it on my krank i used the same breakd i just cut seat post off and welded a sheat of metal over it it still workes amazing i think bmx frames are good for the job oh and i used a stem from a mountain bike and i got the handle bars off and old mountain bike of my dads


Feb 15, 2014
Bumping this old thread since it appears on the first page and others may be asking themselves the same thing.

I had a PK Ripper Team I did this with because I wasn't riding it and no one on craigslist wanted to pay the ridiculously low price I was asking. I spent about $250 on an echo fork, front brake mounts, brake, stem and bars. I later bought TNN brake pads. I put some fat holey rollers on it.

I already had a zhi mod, and a planet x 26". The PK isn't as good for most trials moves but it is more fun to ride. I rarely ride the others anymore. It doesn't make sense to build, as cheap as you can buy a used mod but I would do it again. The PK is a much higher quality bike than the ZHI.

That's my 2 cents and then some. Just remember you are going to be hopping around on a bike like a retard so it is all about fun anyway.