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    Reseda, next to the karate kid.

    Downhill rally on 16” kids bikes.

    Rules of play:

    Your bike must have 16” wheels and must be in a stock configuration. No upgrades except the addition
    of brakes may be added. No other upgrades or altering of stock equipment including tires may be made to
    the bikes. You can of course adjust

    your seat/stem/bars/brakes to your liking, not like it will help. We want to avoid an escalation of riders
    throwing money into bikes that should cost no more than ten dollars. Your bike should be a bike that can be easily replaced and will often be adorned with cartoon characters or images of pre-teen pop stars, in other words: junk.

    You are also responsible for your protective gear, helmets are mandatory, and everything else is

    We will be going down hill in masse; bike handling skill and a lack of self-preservation are paramount in
    this endeavor.

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