Bootleg Cayon Race Report


Oct 10, 2007
Santa Barbara
Mobbed out there with Preston Friday night (left SB at 8:15), and arrived in Boulder City at 2am (OUCH!). Slept for a couple hours, got up at 7, grabbed some coffee and food and headed over to Bootleg around 8ish.

Debated racing the Open class to hit the Pro course but instead ended up racing Expert on the Amateur course. Pro course was Snakeback to G-String, and the Am course was Snakeback to Reaper. Snakeback was great fun, FAST, lots of rocks and a few good turns thrown in the mix. The off-camber sections (mostly the 2nd) were super tricky and I kept blowing them up, more on that later. Reaper was just full tilt speed, few little booters that I found tricky at race speed. Pre-jumping only resulted in landing in the hole at the bottom from brake draggers, and just launching them sent you way too far, so it was a mix of squishing and preloading but nothing felt that great. Lots of areas to pedal at the bottom, reminded me of the wall, only rockier and actually sloping downhill.

During practice on Saturday I ended up running wide on a turn that lead into a 3ft rock roller/drop and went off the 4ft side instead which throws you right smack dab into a rock face. Ended up spraining/jamming my left shoulder again, and put a few nice gashes in my knee. Loaded up on the Advil and kept practicing, got pretty lucky that the sprain was minimal as I have separated that shoulder a couple times.

Race day practice went great, nailed the 1 section that was giving me trouble, turns out I was trying to carry too much speed through the off camber, slowing down a touch allowed me to hold the line and get through it. Felt good for the race, which was encouraging.

Got to the top for the race runs, watched Pro and Open classes and then got lined up for my race run. The run started off good, felt like I was carrying decent speed through the first few corners and rock sections, probably could have stood to take some chances and let it hang out a bit more though. Got to the 2nd off camber section and tried to make sure I slowed down enough to hold the line. Nope, not quite enough. Went off the trail on the outside and had to hike back up a couple feet to rejoin the course. Lost a good bit of time there, needless to say I was gutted. Rest of the run went well, but I felt like I had lost a LOT of time with the mistake up top. Got to the pedally bit at the bottom and kept trying to remind myself to pedal but I guess I couldn't be bothered because I just kind of coasted some sections where I should have been hammering.

Finished the run, very disappointed in myself, felt like I left a fair bit of time on the course. Immediately packed up the car and got ready to leave, only to remember that the Pro's still have another run to finish. Grabbed some beer and went heckle/watch the Pros do their 2nd run, and then left.

Saw the results today, ended up getting 6th, but was miles off the pace. Something like 20 seconds.

Oh well, at least I look fast. I mean, that is really all that matters. See you all in Fontucky!
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Mar 5, 2002
You would have owned me and especially Bob, Brent. Snakeback is one old classic BC trail.

So only one run for "amateurs?"


Yoshinoya Destroyer
Jan 20, 2007
Hills of Paradise
Good stuff bro. You're shirly gonna give Orv and Boobie a run for bragging rights this season. Heal up and I'll see you in march. Expect an email soon though, I think I tracked down the parts you need.