Borrow a homosexual and buy them coffee...


Grammar Civil Patrol
Jul 2, 2004
Sandy Eggo, CA
"plans to "lend out" living people, including homosexuals, drug addicts, asylum seekers, gipsies and the physically handicapped..."

What, no Jews or Slavs???

This is so frighteningly close to Hitler's list of "untermenschen" it's scary.

While I understand the good intentions, doesn't this just serve to enhance the sentiment that "those people" can be classified as "those people" and not simply as "people"?? I mean, what makes ANYONE tick?


Fear my banana
Apr 5, 2004
So Cal
Potroast88 said:
OOH OOH!! You know what else would be cool? Midgets. I like midgets.
Now, I understand that some of you don't know Sarah Jane, so I'll tell you a little bit about her. She's a lesbian Eskimo midget albino. She went to college and she started the Lesbian midget Eskimo Albino Student Union, and four hundred people signed up. There they were, hundreds of 'em, lesbian midget left-handed Eskimo albinos. Did I mention the fact that she's left-handed? She's left-handed, alright.

Girl's got some strange hobbies. One of her hobbies is lowering children into open manholes, which is kinda difficult 'cause a lot of the
children are taller than her, her being a midget and everything... or
her being a left-handed midget... or her being a left-handed lesbian
midget... or her being a left-handed lesbian albino midget... or her
being a lesbian left-handed albino midget Eskimo... life can be really
difficult on that young lady.

She bit me once, you know. Right here, ya see this? Left a mark. She was lowerin' a friend of mine's kid into the sewer, I run up, and tried to stop her. I said, "Listen there, you lesbian midget left-handed albino! And you stop right there!" Then she bit me. I'm afraid I'm gonna... I'm gonna turn into a lesbian left-handed midget albino when the moon is full.

Oh my God, the moon is full tonight! I can feel myself shrinking! I can
feel myself getting left-handed! I can feel myself getting the urge to
build an igloo! I can feel my skin turning white and my eyes getting
red! I can feel... I can feel the urge... to buy a Suzanne Vega album!!


Oh, I'm okay; it was just gas.