Boston Marathon ( not bomb related )


Nam I am
so I'm not going to let some Pycho-path ruin what was a great time.

the 5th annual Midnight Marathon ride .

midnight ( 10 Hours before hte actual Marathon Starts )

Basiaclly what happens is the commuter rail sends a train out from Boston with 700 people and there bike out to the start line. add in 3 bus loads ( 150 more riders ) another 200 - 300 who ride to the start ( Me ).

firts we stateshed a couple of cars in Boston area ( mine was in Wellsley ) then I picked up a couple of riders on a earlier train . as were some riders who couldn't get tickets to the later train, they would haveto ride about 7 miles to the start.

We would start from my House which is only 6 miles from the start line.

this was one of our chosen bikes.

alright on the Hopkinton Common right by the start line with Me, my Son and my wife.

a Fixie rider wearing a Kilt

to the starting line

were off, tail lights as far as teh eye can see.

a custom Built High Boy.

here they come

Nice PJ's

Natick center ( note our sting ray on the left side of the picture. )

It wasn't just Bikes ther ewas a Group of Long boarders , scooters and Unicycles that did it too.

crossing 128/I-95


My Son, Wife and Linear1 ( yes he did 33 Miles on a stingray! )

then I had another 12 Miles to go back to my car , all told it was a 46 mile night for me .

Will definatly do it again next year. !
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