Bottom bracket help?


Turbo Monkey
Mar 2, 2004
Back in Hell A, b1thces
I recently bought a used cowan. It came with AC 3 piece cranks and a 48 splined euro BB. I found that the BB spindle is too long for the cranks, so the cranks don't get full tight on the spindle, there's just a touch of side to side play.

Anybody else have this problem and know of a solution besides buying a new BB? and if I need a new BB, do most bikes shops stock a euro 48 splined BB?

Thanks for the help.

my bike:

04 Kona Cowan, small
Mavic 729
Maxxis Hookworm F
Maxxis BlingBling R
Avid Mech Disc
Marz DJ1
profile 32 Single speed
AC 3 piece cranks
King Head Set