Bottom out Resistance on FOX 36 for light guys.


Jul 5, 2006
Squamish BC
SO working on my fork right now (2008 Talas 36) and Im wondering if it'd be worth playing with the spacers inside of the the FIT cartridge.

Im thinking straight out of the factory the fork is probably "tuned" for a broad range of riders and being light, Im wondering if by changing the shims, it would actually give me a plusher ride or will it make the fork dive even more in its travel ?

From my understanding (and I could be totally wrong on that one) Im guessing all it does is pushes the bottoming resistance out further away towards the end of the stroke giving you a bit more "useable" travel before it ramps up quickly...

Can anyone here tell me what I should do ?Leave it as is or change it?...The fork is on my trail bike(Nomad) but I ride it like my DH bike ,on smoother trails...I don't do big drops :plthumbsdown: but I love big jumps and speed...:monkeydance:


Turbo Monkey
Mar 10, 2005
are you finding it hard to bottom out your fork? i know of lighter riders having trouble with 07 40s and using full travel. but otherwise dont bother with it.

the bottom out system only works in the last inch or so of the travel, and does not effect the rest of the travel at all. what you are thinking about is the LSC and HSC adjusters.

and the bottom out system is basically a solid piston that goes into a cylinder with small holes on its walls. no shims there, the way its changed is by changing when in the travel the glide ring goes into the cylinder.