Boxxer problems - stiffens


Jun 10, 2003
Anyone know what the deal is with my 03 Boxxer Team? If I dont ride it for awhile, it pumps up or something. I try to compress it, but it feels like its locked out for the first few pushes. After awhile, it gets back to feeling supple.

I unscrewed the top cap to see if there was air buildup, but there wasnt.

Ideas? Links to threads of the same problems?



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Mar 19, 2002
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Could be the seals that are dry. RS recommends your lube the seals after every ride. My routine is like this and it ensures better performance and no leaking seals:

Whipe off the stanchions.
Lube around the seal - not too much
Cycle the fork up and down
Then whipe the seals of the dirt that is pressed up
The relube the seals and you are done.

I always make sure the seals are lubed. I use the regular fork oil that is in the Boxxer and I have in an old Pedros chain lube container. My wifes old Judy had completly lock out with dry seals and I just relubed from the top and it was fine again. This takes no time but so few people do this to maintain their forks.


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Aug 25, 2003
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oly said:
Dry seals? My boxxer would be real sticky and make a squeek untill some oil got into the seals. After a few bounces it was fine.....
What he said. Lots of forks do this but it seems boxxers do it kind of consistently.

Acadian even pulls back his seals and puts tri-flow in them.

A big loogie might work too.


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Feb 28, 2005
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Natedogg - what's up? It's the guy who sold you that Truvativ DH BB and had it overnighted to you...

I'd have to agree with the other guys, it's probably the seals. You might have to replace them or get this stuff made by RS called "Judy Butter"... I know it sounds like something you'd want NOTHING to do with (why not call it "Reba Yeast" or "Judy Cheese"??? :rolleyes: ) but it's a special grease that is used to lube the seals...

I had so many problems with my 04' WC that I've decided to send it to PUSH get a simple rebuild and then sell it. Ever since I went back with Marz and got a 888RC, it's been nothing but flawless. Kinda heavy though...


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Mar 14, 2002
What I did to prolong the life of my RS seals is realy simple and it works.

Carefully remove dust covers (using a dull knife to start it, and a thin flat head screwdriver).

Pump top of seal area full of Manitou M-Prep (does not create gas when it degrades) or Judy Butter. Don't overdo it but get enough to fill the space.

install dust covers back on.

Simple as that and it will definately prolong the life seeing as RS seals tend to go due to dryness on the top section causing chaping. This area is not lubed from the factory but it does need it!

Hope that helps.


Jun 10, 2003
Goshdayng! Hmmm, I wonder if it could be that the seals are dry??? :monkey:

Haha, cool, thanks guys. I have some extra fork oil, Judy Butter, and loogies. Ill try some of each. :p Its funny, Ive had a 1998 and 2001 Boxxer, and niether of them did it...

AlmostHeaven--thanks but no thanks
SKC--whats up bro! Heck yeah I remember ya. Thanks for the advice... again. 888RC--tasty. Im thinking of swapping my Boxxer out for a 66RC. Just gotta find a cheap one. Do you (or anyone else) know the real diff between the VF and RC? Is it worth the extra lootcakes for the RC? Its going on a VPFree, so I assume a 170 would be better than the 150? (but does the 170 flex a lot?)
Vitox--I havent with this bike (I did with my other bike and Boxxer). I probably should, huh?


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Jan 14, 2002
S.K.C. said:
Ever since I went back with Marz and got a 888RC, it's been nothing but flawless. Kinda heavy though...
You can feel the diff between 7lbs and 7.5lbs?


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Mar 10, 2005
same thing happens with my psylo. and BTW, rock shox also recomends 10 wt oil if you dont have judy butter.