Boxxer R2C2 Compression Issue -- Shim Stack Question


Jun 11, 2006

This is the Shim Stack i found on my 2011 Boxxer.
I changed for a lighter spring and notice that the compression nobs did not make a lot of difference...

Anybody took their fork apart that can comment on this ?

Anyways i will put the little guy where i think it should go...
Hopefully it will make a difference..

Oil height and weight is good.


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Jul 31, 2007
double the number of shims. MOOOOAAAAARRR.

but actually, seriously for real, doubling down works pretty well. Udi has a better guide with more specific shims, but if you can get ahold of another compression damper that works pretty well.


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Mar 14, 2005
As above, doubling some of the shims will probably work well for a start - or better yet if you have access to purchasing shims, replace some of the large shims with ones 2x the thickness. Like you said the adjusters do not make a lot of difference with stock valving, it is very light. Once you valve it heavier, the adjusters will make a more noticeable difference.

You can remove the crossover shim (small shim between larger shims) as it is a bit silly to have a dual stage stack when the HS adjuster is compressing the 'gap' that is created by a crossover shim. Removing it will simplify tuning in this case.

All the information you want and more is in this thread, there are some good posts by 'nybike1971' and others.