Schrodinger's Immigrant
Jul 29, 2008
Anyone here been diagnosed with it or know someone with it?

I had some issues with it during my COVID fun. Thankfully just temporary it seems, but I'm still dealing with some post COVID issues.

I've always ridden with a heart strap, but I bought a Fitbit Charge 5 after my scare so it can monitor (records every 5 mins) my HR 24/7 and even has an ECG function. I turned off all the smart notification BS.


Cake Tease
May 29, 2011
What's your guy's resting heart rates or how did they diagnose it?

Posting this because when I was in the hospital, on two occasions when the staff took my vitals they asked if my heart rate was always like that. Just said I have no clue. Been measuring it at home and it's always ~41min. My reading on the webz says that's low? And I've been feeling exhausted for a while now and sometimes short of breath just getting dressed or other basic things, which is frustrating.

Just something I might need to bring up to the doc I'm seeing about the brain stuff.

Maybe I'm just reading too much.
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Schrodinger's Immigrant
Jul 29, 2008
True, maybe I should look into that, at least to record it like what @6thElement does. Then at least I have something to show the doctor too.
I was battling COVID at the time, so my resting was mid-60's at best. When I kept passing out it was dropping into the mid-30's.

After getting home and getting the Charge 5 I was able to watch my resting HR take ~5 weeks to drop back down to low 50's. Which is what I'd thought my resting HR was, but I'd never measured it to this extent before, 53 as I sit and type this.

41 would be elite athlete territory normally in my mind.


Joe Dalton
Apr 18, 2002
Not that but I have atrial tachycardia.

sometimes my heart rate goes to 180 for half a minutes or so, then drops back to 60 in one step. I have a prescription for a 24 he monitor. Need to get that checked.


Artisanal Tweet Curator
Aug 25, 2003
The old timey times
I used to but it turned out to be a case of veganism combined with riding bikes too much (totally serious). I would wake up with a heart rate in the 40s

Now I'm just anemic so normal heart rate but with all thefun parts of bradycardia.


Dec 15, 2013
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
I used to have a heartrate like that when I was a bike messenger. At some point I fell and broke my wrist (ouch), they gave me some sedative in the ambulance, and when they hooked my up to the heartrate monitor alarms were going off.

I heard of then-collegues that hit the 30's, but they were triathletes, and that's a while different kind of crazy.


used an iron once
Jan 20, 2009
I was obese with a resting HR in the low 40s, nothing wrong with me at the time.
At peak fitness many many years ago I was down to 32 which was fine but I had to stand up slowly or I'd lose vision/balance and fall over.
I still have a ref to get a heart scan as my fam has a history of shit hearts and my O2 has occasionally dropped below 90% whilst awake which is weird.


Harbinger of Doom
Oct 23, 2001
Yo canadmos: get thyself a referral to an endocrinologist. TSH, T4, T3, free T4 tests are in order for you. Might play into your intracranial hypertension maladies, too.