Brake Pad problems


Oct 11, 2005
I took off my front tire yesterday and i couldent get it back on. The brake pads were in the way and would not move. I have tried taking the calipers apart but that did not solve much. Help anyone?

btw:hayes hydroulic disk setup.


Brevity R Us
Aug 16, 2001
Lynnwood, WA
You (or someone else) grabbed the brake lever while the wheel was off and the pads closed. You need to open them up......

You can ham fist it and partially ruin them, like me, by using a screwdriver to pry them apart. It pushes the fluid back out of the calliper and into the reservior where it belongs.

Or take the pads out and use a box wrench to press the pistons back in being careful not to press against the pin your pads clip to.

Keep your family and friends away from your bike while you are messing around with it and get a set of those spacers to take the place of the rotor (plastic chips) while your wheel is out.

Good luck


Sep 24, 2005
i use a butter knife, just take some pliers and pull the removal tabs apart so you can get the butter knive in. then push em apart enough to get the disc in. how did you take the calipers apart? like totaly? you may need to re-bleed them/have them re-bled. every time i have one of my wheels off my retard brother comes up and starts squeezing the levers like crazy, its like he is attracted to em or something :think: .