Brake Rotors-What are they made of?

I made a ?'nable choice to let us come back for a bit and regret it everyday!!!!
There was thick frost just now when I went out! Im calling sean in Long Beach to find out the next date should be January (guaranteed Ill be ready to go by then, COLD!!!) and Ill be there. I'll be looking for a place if I dont go stay out in Murietta, If I end up there its OK I got a GSXR1000 recently so i can commute in and out of traffic making the 70 mile jont relatively quick. Ill bring the bike of course :D.

To the original poster, I called hayes and its definently PLAYDOUGH!


Turbo Monkey
Feb 9, 2004
South Seattle
I'm not sure what OEM avid, hayes, shimano rotors are but 17-4PH or 15-5PH stainless would be a great choice. It's readily available from any aerospace metals distributor. The really isn't a practical difference between the 2.