Brakes: Saint vs. LX


Turbo Monkey
Mar 6, 2004
The 909
Is there a huge performance difference between the two? Does the difference in cost justify the difference in performance?

I'm in the slow process of building up a new DH race bike and am trying to make it as cheap as possible while still remaining relatively light. Jenson has LX brakes for $32.50 per caliper, versus $69 for the Saint. Either of these will likely need adaptors and rotors to work for my application. I have a set of LX's on my DJ bike, but want some input as to how they'll perform on a DH bike with 8" rotors. Or do I skip that and go for Saints?

Thanks in advance.

in the trees

Turbo Monkey
May 19, 2003
I've been happy with my Saints (coming from Hayes). Nice lever feel and modulation. Good overall stopping power as well. And I have an extra caliper (new) if you need one.