Brand new Slider Plus for $300

Big B

Oct 20, 2004
Lynnwood, Washington
Jenson has 'quick release' '05 Slider Plus forks for $299! :eek:

Pimp your old ride with 170mm! I should drop one of these on my wife's old hardtail. Sher could cruise the trails like a Hell's Angel on a Harley.


Brevity R Us
Aug 16, 2001
Lynnwood, WA
Every once and awhile Jenson (and the other mailorder stores) come out with some big purchases and blow out forks.

BTW - if you are looking for a shorter travel fork I hear BikeWorks of Lake Stevens has a line on some '05 Marz DJ3 forks for a reasonable price. I picked one up and have it on my Commuter Bike. It replaced a tired cheapo Judy TT100 :eek: Ask for Scott (the head hauncho/owner of the shop and Lumberjack on RM)

I go there just about every other Saturday as my schedule allows.