Brodie Releases Two New 29ers: The Khan and Crib!

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    Jun 26, 2009
    Two New Big-Wheel Bikes From Brodie Unveiled: Khan & Crib 29ers!​

    Source: Brodie Bikes

    When you’ve practically spent more of your life on two wheels than you have on two feet you become particular in how a bike should ride and perform. After riding many different early 29’ers from various brands, our product manager Bruce Spicer was convinced the 29’er just wasn’t where it should be. Plagued by suspension and frame limitations, they were either too raked or too twitchy; they just didn’t ride like a Brodie should.
    The art of having a bicycle steer the way you want it to is having the “trail” of a bicycle fall within a certain range. The trail refers to the imaginary line through the center of the steerer tube and the vertical line of where the center of the hub lies. Fork manufacturers can adjust where the hub lies by offset (by hub placement on the fork legs and/or fork crown spacing). The longer the trail, the floppier the steering (DH bikes) and vice versa the shorter it is, the twitchier the feel (road bikes). When designing our 29’er two key aspects were critical, the fork trail and the chain stay length.

    Kahn Trail.jpg

    Until recently, forks weren’t available that would allow us to produce a 29’er which met our expectations. Now that suspension forks are being offered with sufficient offset we’d like to introduce you to the brand new 2012 Brodie Khan; fresh new graphics, 70-degree head tube angle, 100mm Manitou Tower with 51mm fork offset and short 437mm chain stays!
    * Now in stock- Khan and the little brother, Crib!

    2012 KHAN (MSRP $1849 USD/CDN)

    Lightning Series - 2012 Khan.jpeg

    COLOUR White / Tech Grey
    SIZES 16.5 / 18 / 19.5
    FRAME 7005 Shaped Butted Al 29er
    FRONT FORK Manitou Tower Expert 100mm
    HANDLE BAR Brodie 22mm Riser 31.8
    STEM Brodie XC 4 Bolt
    BRAKES Hayes Stroker Trail Hyd. 6" Disc
    CRANKS Shimano SLX 24/32/42T
    PEDALS Shimano M505 SPD
    HUBS Shimano Deore Centerlock
    CASSETTE Shimano SLX 11-36t
    RIMS Sun Inferno 29er / SS
    TIRES Kenda K1047 2.1
    SHIFTERS Shimano SLX 10 Spd
    SADDLE Brodie XC
    S/POST Brodie 2 Bolt 31.6
    EXTRAS Lock Out Fork
    WEIGHT 28.2

    Khan copy.jpg

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