Bromont in two weeks


Jan 24, 2007
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Hey guys, looks like I'm heading solo to Bromont in 2 weeks now that my buddy bailed. I usually stay at my families place there but its not available so I'm wondering if there is a spot to camp in the parking lot. I know when i at the CC's a few years ago it was fine but thats a CC.

Just going to crash in my wagon, no tent. Anyone know? Anyone going to be there and want to ride :D


Cake Tease
May 29, 2011
I always see signs saying not to do that. I guess you could always try haha. If you get booted, just drive down the road to the Bromont pub....I forget the name, but its a little place. Drink some beers, enjoy the night and sleep in the parking lot (not behind the wheel of course..). That place is awesome, the owners are amazing and so friendly.

There is also the option of the Bromont Inn. Super nice motel that is SUPER cheap for what you get. Two beds, full out bathroom, full kitchen etc.

Have fun, I miss it there already and it hasn't even been a year since I last went!


Nov 25, 2007
Massachusetts, US of A
There is a camp site very close to Bromont. Its actually right off of the exit from the Highway. I stayed there for the 2008 World Cup. Another option would be to just sleep in the car. Ive seen many camp in the parking lot without any issues.