Brosnan Scores Second Podium of the Season in Andorra

Oct 20, 2009
<p>Specialized Racing DH had another fantastic weekend, with solid efforts by all three riders. The young Troy Brosnan scored his second World Cup podium of the season, winding up in 5th place.</p><p>
Brosnan was ecstatic following his run. "This is sick! My run was super smooth. I missed all the holes and just had fun really. It worked again, I gotta keep doing that and having fun! If it keeps putting me on the podium I can't complain. Mont Ste Anne is a sick track and I've done well there before, so I can't wait."</p><p>
The track in Andorra was steep and dusty after it dried out completely following rain earlier int he week. The fresh cut course cut in nicely over the weekend, with big holes forming and multiple lines available almost all the way down the track. All riders elected to ride Butcher tires after trying cut Storms earlier in the week.</p><p>
Teammate Aaron Gwin rode to a solid place in 10th place and had this to say "It's bittersweet. I felt really good today, all weekend actually. I think I rode better this weekend than I ever have in my life. My run was going amazing. It was one of those little things. I tucked the front end into something and shot off the track and got balled up in the trees. It's frustrating to have such a good run going and then give it away but that's racing man, it happens. Everything is going in the right direction. My bike felt amazing this weekend, it was great. "</p><p>
Mitch Ropelato crossed the line in 37th, and was happy to be back in the hunt and safely into the finals. "That was pretty much a perfect run, I didn't make any mistakes. I'm pretty happy with it as I haven't put in a solid race run in awhile. I'm pumped!"</p><p>
The team now makes its way across the Atlantic to contest the US National Championships in Angel Fire New Mexico before heading up to round Mont Ste Anne, Canada for the next World Cup round.</p>