BUDS - British University Downhill Series! For Current Students AND Alumini!!


Aug 19, 2008
Hey guys,

To all you UK riders on here, please help get this series on its feet by giving it a 'like' and a share on facebook! Even if you don't race frequently or at all, it just needs 2000 (currently on ~860) likes to be sent to a big sponsor and organiser to get things moving forward.

Unfortunately at university in the UK, mountain biking isn't given the same recognition as other sports, with the inter-uni race (known as BUCS) only happening once a year for each discipline and its usually a very last minute affair meaning many uni's with lower budgets struggle to take part as they can't book transport early while it's still cheap etc!!

Despite the poor organisation leading up to it, BUCS is always a favourite among all racers, the atmosphere and experience is one of a kind! It doesn't seem right to only be able to have it once a year :)

So please give the page a like and a share! Hopefully this doesn't sound too much like spam, we just want to see a much better opportunity for inter-university racing than what is currently on offer!!