Build ebike or buy and modify / upgrade?

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Sep 20, 2019
I'm looking at getting into ebikes. I'm not a big bike guy on maintenance and stuff, but not opposed to learning... I am not sure if it's better for me to buy something like the RadRover and upgrade parts as needed or go from scratch and build it from the ground up. I don't have a bike I'd want to convert currently...
Budget wise around $1500 USD.
If I build an ebike, what's a good semi light mountain bike with full suspension that could be converted? I like the idea of doing light trails and some hills but probably nothing crazy. Mostly city riding. I like the idea of a Mid drive motor... I also like the idea of some fat tires on the bike.


Harbinger of Doom
Oct 23, 2001
Don't convert. You don't want a hub motor. You don't want a crap Bafang mid drive with no torque sensing.

Get something prebuilt, with torque sensing.