building my first wheel need some help, tips and advice...


Turbo Monkey
After flat spotting the crap out of my 219 today at the trail ive decided its time for a new wheel. I knew these rims would crap out sooner or later anyway so im not too mad. I work at a shop so price isnt really an issue. Im considering a set of Dee max even though I dont really need a front wheel so I can run UST and tubes. Ive also considered building a 729 around a hadly, chris king or a DT. What would you guys reccomend? I only weigh 130 and id like them to be pretty lite but still strong enough. Are 823 worth is ive heard of TONS of flat spot problems.



Jan 31, 2003
UST rims just don't seem to be "there" yet. Maybe next year, but for now I'd stick with tried and true products.

Hadleys laced with DT Alpine III's to Mavic 721 or 729 is the best you can get. Not quite as light as a King, but stronger and more bombproof. Plus the Hadleys can be adapted to fit virtually any kind of dropouts on any bike. You're pretty light so I'd say get the 721's and save a little weight.

However, if you want to do Stan's No-Tubes, the 721 are apparently VERY difficult to work with. Something to keep in mind.