building new fully.


Jul 28, 2007
so in the next few weeks im gona build a slopestyle/mini dh bike
and have narrowed it down to a few choices. i would like some feedback on any of the frames

relevant info:

have a bmx background and am currently riding a 33lbs single speed sinister dna with a 90mm marz 66 for all my dirt jumping/street missions.

this fully will be used at whistler and northstar along with local trails. i weigh 200lbs and hate replacing stuff

im going to use a 36, 66, or totem up front with a single ring with lg1 guide. will probably try to make it a 5-6sp drivetrain as its going to be a specific gravity machine. im not really going to pedal too much uphill but wouldnt mind riding trails every now and then. i ideally want the final build to weigh around 35lbs

my current frame choices are transition bottlerocket, sinister gruitr, and the giant reign.

budget for whole build is 4k



Turbo Monkey
Aug 6, 2007
$4k is a fair chunk of change. If I was you, I would look at picking up a used frame. DH/Freeride stuff sells for next to nothing on the secondary market and you could pick up something that is virtually new for a lot less cash. That being said I think any of the frames you listed will make you happy

<edit> I have no first hand experience with the Reign or Bottlerocket but ppl I know that own them have been really happy


Turbo Monkey
Feb 7, 2004
alex. va. usa.
i bet that you would like the cove STD. looks like it would be a fairly versatile gravity feed weapon.

currently i have a reign and its a great bike that is for sure but no too much of a gravity machine in my book. if you are looking into the reign be sure to get the "X" version because that is much more of a gravity/fr bike


Mar 3, 2004
I´d really consider the Banshee Wildcard.... the frame is made just for what you need... with adjustable travel (5 to 6,5"), 1.5" headtube, hidroformed tubes and a very low standover... its basically a 26" full suspension BMX, hahaha...

You´d be surprised with how this frame handles!