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Ok...so I need a bike. Yes there are 16 two wheeled toys in my garage, and I need a bike! I'm looking for advice or thoughts as I decide what to build.

Fresh off that FUN race in Clemson, I'm hooked! I signed up to race the U.S. Open in May. More importantly...I signed up for both DH and Dual Slalom. My Sunday is great...but I never really have clicked with my Brew 4X. Feels too XC in geometry for my bmx tastes. So I'm selling it in search of a bmx cruiser type bike, with sus-fork. I like um low, wide, light, and stiff. Yes, I'm still talking about the bike.:busted: What would be some good choices for frame, wheels, cassette, etc? This will be a dual sport specific bike. And I'm fine with buying new OR used. I'm not waiting for the Brew to sell first....I'm ready to build! Help me out guys!

(possibly helpful info):
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P.S. My last name is Ford if you're wondering about the title. :D


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Sep 7, 2006
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That Double sounds like what you're after. With your BMX background, they state it has DJ characteristics...
Looks like a nice bike.


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Aug 24, 2004
I've got a Transition Double and friggen love it... Possibly my favourite bike that I'd ever owned. However, (and this might just be a trait of the Roco Air) it doesn't sprint very well at all. Enough for street/trails/etc but maybe not snappy enough for racing? Ah I dunno... Still I recommend them highly.

PS. I'm 5'10 and the Short fits sweeet


ahhhh, that's what I was worried about. Acceleration from the gate is huge. Sounds like the perfect bike if I'm more worried about having fun than beating somebody to a finish line. Prolly has to be a hard tale here. Especially considering my years of BMX racing teaching me how to excel on one. So.....the floor is back open i guess......


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Jan 18, 2005
glad we got you hooked!

I would check out:
Morewood ndiza
Turner rail (used)
I dont know if they ever put this in production but the Mountain Cycle slopestyle.


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Oct 21, 2004
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For low, light, and stiff hardtails, check out an '04-'06 Chameleon, a Jackal, or a Black Market MOB.

For low, light, and stiff full suspension bikes, check out a Specialized SX, a Tazer, or a Blur 4x. (the Blur 4x is the tallest and most XC of all the above bikes)

There are good arguments for both FS and hardtails. A hardtail will always get a better snap out of the gate, but the added traction of FS lets you take more aggressive passing lines, lets you sprint better in the rough, and it's way better for rough slalom courses.

Just my .10¢


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Jun 26, 2007
hey whats up man ill be at the open too, im gonna try and race both. and for DS im gonna be on an 08 stp. this bike is so much fun i love it.

where you comin from?


May 12, 2002
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mongoose ecx, i know u mentioned u wana go for a hardtail because of sprinting, but try the ecx. I just got one and really really like it.



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Dec 12, 2006
Go with something with DJ geo if you have a bmx background. And be sure to get 26's. Maybe a Black Market or a Doberman.


May 23, 2005
Staats 4x is a cool bike with a BMX back ground or is it a BMX brand that makes a 4x bike?


You didn't look very comfortable on the Brew when you spooked my on Thursday. Are you looking for something with slacker HT angles? Shorter wheelbase?
Slacker HT...and...truthfully, I'm a little confused why my Brew feels so XC to me. Everyone else seems to love it. I guess it's like dating a hot girl that you just don't click with. I jumped her a couple times, and I'm done.:busted: Whatever it is, I need to find the confidence I used to have with my Kastan cruiser...or even my Procraft (showing my age:redface:). Some have suggested simply getting some wider bars, but I'm just excited to build a new friggin bike.:monkey: I never even heard of half of the bikes you guys mention. What a huge help! I'm uber busy just researching the suggestions made here. And suggestions from my good friends over on BIKEPASA (shout out).:spam: :poster_oops: I'm one more deep breath away from throwing my credit card at something...anything.:nopity:

hey whats up man ill be at the open too, im gonna try and race both. and for DS im gonna be on an 08 stp. this bike is so much fun i love it.

where you comin from?
Charlotte NC. I'll catch you up there! I'll be the guy on the..........

where you selling the brew?
I have yet to take a pic and post it...but yeah.