Bush: Economy Needs $145B Shot In The Head.


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Oct 16, 2005
Here's the thing, since coming off the gold standard, our money has been Monopoly Money. It's been kept afloat by the trust in the US Govt back it. We could print as much as we wanted.

With the decline in the dollar, we're in trouble. If the world stops using US currency as a primary standard for global trade, then printing more just lowers the value.

I know y'all know this, but I don't think the sky-is-falling message is being yelled loud enough.

And a tax rebate only lowers the dollar's value even more, reducing confidence, and the spiral is fueled.

Start stockpiling canned goods, alcohol, and fire arms.

There's deficit spending and then there's fockin' stupid.
You hit the nail right on the head. THe federal reserve is not owned by the US. Rumor had it took powers that be 2 weeks just to come up with an authoritative name. I believe the Reserve is owned by the worlds super wealth Rothchild group or something, but I DO NOT HAVE ANY CONCRETE INFO ON THAT. Now you see how the worlds super rich can play with countries.

You notice how Sarkozy in france wants to weaken the EURO "to be competitve" but Germany said "we don't think so". It's all modern day empirialism driven by conflict and uneducated consumers.


Mar 12, 2002
The Dutch used Tulips. How crazy is that?
Which, like any bubble, ended in a crash. In a particularly cruel irony, during the ensuing crash some of the "investors" ended up so destitute that they were forced to eat their once incredibly valuable tulip bulbs. Have you read Tulip Fever?


Mar 12, 2002
And it's not just monkeys who are confused about what to do or where it will take us. Dow 6,000 or 14,750? From the NYT:

David W. Tice, a renowned bear, said Friday that the Dow would sink to 6,000 by the end of the year as the country slides into a recession.

But Abby Joseph Cohen, the superbull at Goldman Sachs, maintained that the Dow would roar back to finish 2008 at a level 22 percent higher — 14,750 is the number — as the economy perks up later in the year.


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Feb 12, 2003
Holy crap: "The new $10 million note is the equivalent of about $4 in American currency at the black market exchange rate used by most Zimbabweans"
update: Zimbabweans Face Growing Woes Amid New Crackdowns
Zimbabwe's economic crisis has worsened in the past six months as the government remains deadlocked over how to share power with the opposition. Zimbabweans struggle to buy anything with their currency, which has been almost entirely devalued. The government released a new $50 billion note this week, which is worth little more than one US dollar.

$50B note is the new black:

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Turbo Monkey
Jun 23, 2008
Another disgusting example of convicted criminals on wall street getting away with it because of their parachutes


The Indiana investment adviser being hunted by federal authorities two days after he jumped out of a plane and disappeared has been charged with two counts of securities violations.
A man facing business failure and divorce attempts to disappear.

Marcus Schrenker, 38, now faces two counts of acting as an investment adviser after his license expired Dec. 31, according to documents provided by Indiana Secretary of State's Office spokesman Jim Gavin.

Gavin told ABCNews.com that a Hamilton County Superior Court judge froze Marcus Schrenker's assets and those of his wife late Monday. Schrenker parachuted out of his company-owned plane over Alabama Sunday; the plane continued flying on autopilot before crashing into Florida swampland two hours later.