Buying New BMX and need suggestions


Apr 4, 2012
Ok, so im buying a new bike, problem is i haven't ridden in any remotely serious manner for about 10 years.
That said i am no longer knowledgeable on this stuff, so i have come here in search of answers.

Ive looked through threads to try to scrounge some knowledge but i still feel far to ignorant to go out and throw large sums of money at a bike just yet.

What im looking for is,
something to ride trails with, hit lines some jumps and all that jazz, but nothing huge (at least yet)
im pretty tall (6'2)
in looking to buy a complete bike.
Preferably on the light side? (i dont know how weight factors into trails)
Price range $200-$450
My last bike was a 02 or 03 specialized fatboy 415. my only issue was its weight but then again i mostly just incompetently messed around at the local park/street areas like your normal 13 year old.

My confusion comes with rim size really, i see kids riding 24s on trails but i also see a decent amount of the smaller stuff.
Same thing with frames, i see the larger frames and the normal more compact types.
Lastly gear ratio/sprocket size/whatever the proper term is, what should i consider/what would you recommend given what i plan on using this thing for.

Any input, knowledge, and suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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