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Jun 5, 2005
So I had to order a helmet and some headset spacers to be able to ride over the weekend from my good friends at CBO. Made the order on the 27th, paid for the quick shipping, and then they "got the order out late, it'll be there on Tuesday."

I know this is a minor gripe, but it is also something that assures I am never going to do business with CBO again. If there is going to be a delay, pick up the phone and give a call. Its not that complicated, they had four contact numbers for me, and yet they couldn't bother to let me know.

Then to add to it, the jackass on the phone today said "Well, you should always just call us for orders, the website is more of a guide."

If its just a guide, be like Go-Ride and make it so I have to call you to get the parts, not allow me to order and then wait for a miracle.

Sorry, just had to get that out.


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Apr 4, 2004
Yeah, one of the guys that works there was a real dick when I was in the shop but I've had good experiences too. I don't ever shop there anymore. Pricepoint, JensonUSA, and Go-ride all seem better.


May 2, 2005
i have had problems with Cambria and do not order from them any more. If you open their packaging in Canada then the item is non returnable and they don't tell ya that ahead of time. I own a set of 71mm old champagne hayes that have sat on my bench for 3 years and are unmountable without a special adapter that's unavailable.
they also do not do Puralator overnight...only a 6 week + wait to out of country orders. They were rude and unwilling to deal with me.

Jenson and Pricepoint follow up and are a class act. They e-mail me and talk from a customer care dept. and have contacts to talk with during the day.


Dec 6, 2004
the pricepoint guys rock.... ask for otto..... they get your stuff out quick, and if they mess up with the shipping, they expedite with no extra cost...

thanks dude, i was about to spend arround 700 dlls on CBO.... no more... jejeje


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Jun 5, 2005
The odd thing is when I used to live in Sacramento I went to the CBO all the time. They built my Azonic (although 3 weeks late) for the sea otter, and did a good job.

However, they bent me over and proper stuck me without lube for the "bro down" parts and build up. Ended up going almost $900 over my budget, but the bike did whip some ass.

I went back in about 8 weeks back when I was hiding out in Reno after the Hurricane on my way to Sacramento to get plowed with some law school friends and see NIN. The shop had changed. What was once a pretty alright freeride/light DH shop was now all about road and very expensive Santa Cruz stuff.

Maybe this marks a shift for the entire company?


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Aug 10, 2005
hey tattoo.


i order from them, pay for three day shipping. and it's always sent right out and is at my door within three days.

never has that not been the case with them.


Feb 12, 2006
schweino1 said:
the pricepoint guys rock.... ask for otto..... they get your stuff out quick, and if they mess up with the shipping, they expedite with no extra cost...
I was just about to say the exact oppossite, but one of the pricepoint sales managers just saved the day. I placed an order yesterday for 2-day to be delivered tommorow. I tracked the package this morning and it was scheduled for delivery on 3/14. I called customer service to find out what was going on and got a guy named Frank. Frank was a TOTAL ASS. I told him what was going on and Frank responded "Well, you obviously didn't tell your sales guy you wanted 2-day air" I told him that I actually reiterated to the sales guy several times how important it was and Frank responded with "Well, obviously you did not, or the sales guy would have set it up that way." I was blown away that a CS rep would actually say something like that to a customer based on total assumption. I was about to lose it so I decided to get his managers name and extension and get off the phone. I waited for about 30 minutes to calm down a bit and called the sales floor manager Greg. Greg answered the phone immediately and was really receptive to my situation. He was surprised himself that I was spoken to that way and felt really bad about the experience I had. Greg took care of me and got a new order set up to ship today overnight air for tommorow. When I had first gotten off the phone with that jerk Frank, my stomach had sank and I felt like I was totally screwed by a company who didn't give a rats arse about their customers. I was extremely relieved to find out from Greg that was not the norm and that they would take care of me. This attitude and service from Greg has gone a long way. I was going to return the item, and give a full review of my bad experience on every website I could muster up. Now, I'm proud to say I feel like this is a good company and I will use them again in the future. Luckily one bad apple didn't end up ruining the bunch for pricepoint!

Three cheers for Greg :cool:


Aug 20, 2002
Man, I've been saving this rant for a while...

I ordered some shiver DC springs from CBO back in November. They mailed them out a few days later, and I got them about 2 weeks after that (I'm in Toronto, Canada - so I expected it to take that long.). I paid $20 for shipping and they cost another $24 in import fees... no problems yet, they're hard to find anywhere and my LBS tended to have problems getting springs through the Canadian distributor.

So, I open the box and they sent me single crown shiver springs... not DCs. People make mistakes, I understand that. So I email CBO, they ask me to phone them for an RA#. On the phone, the CBO guy asks me to mail back the SC springs, and they'd need to order in the DC springs since they weren't in stock. Oh, and they'll re-imburse my credit card for shipping the SC springs back. He also said they'd mail out the proper springs ASAP. Well, it's winter any ways, so I have time to kill.

So I mail the SC springs out the next day. About 1 month later, I get a delivery notice on my door from UPS. 'Great', I thought, 'the springs are finally in'. Buuuuuuut... there's a $43 'brokerage and taxes fee' on top of the order. Keep in mind, I've already paid $24 for the original 'wrong' set of springs. And since this package was a replacement, it should have been marked for customs with $0 value and described as a 'return' item. I call UPS - they say there's nothing they can do since it's up to the shipper (CB-feking-O) to put the correct value on the item, not them. I told UPS to send the item back, and called CBO to tell them to straighten it out. Then, after several emails between me and CBO, they inform me that I am required to pay said fee - and their purchaser agreement even says so. The fact that this was a return item kind of got lost on the guy.

About 3 weeks ago, I got a bill in the mail for $43 from UPS (which has gone unpaid - but with the long winded explanation from above). And I still don't have my DC springs for my Shiver... and I still haven't gotten my refund for sending back the SC springs.

So yeah - CBO sucks. GO JENSONUSA!


Aug 30, 2005
yeah dude i was looking for a new fork and wheel world "had" 888vf in "stock" for $500 i ordered one and opted for 3 day shipping, the next day a guy called and said they were out and would get more in 1-3 days i said ok not bad i cabn wait that long... a week later i called them and talked to a dickish gy who told me they wouldnt have the fork for another week then their store was closing for renovations for a week so what started as 4 days max turned into 3 weeks+ so i called him up andsaid cancel my order ill never order from you again.
they didnt even call, now theres some customer support

jenson usa rocks though: one pair stainless lines and a 66vf when promised as promised no surprises

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Apr 28, 2005
Santa Cruz, CA
This one time I ordered some T.H.E. fenders right before the rainy season. The came at the end of the summer. I was stoked to finally get them when I didnt need them.


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Jun 5, 2005
I made the mistake of debating giving them another shot last week when I saw they had a smoking deal on a Blur 4x in my size. I called up regarding making some parts swaps, as I already have a set of Dee Max's here for the bike, and since I hate rockshox with a fury, I wanted to see about changing things out.

I have never, in my entire life of being a first class asshole, dealt with someone who I consider to be even a bigger prick then I, but the guy on the phone there took the cake. He proceeded to go off on me for asking on a $3000+ bike to make changes, stating he had "nowhere to put the parts." I had to ask if this was CBO I was dealing with, as they sell OEM and once installed stuff all the time. He actually got incredulious with me over that, saying they never sell OEM stuff. I had to laugh.

They have been too big for too long, now they're just a useless bunch of non-riders doing what they have to, including cutting customer service, to make the bottom line fatter.

Back even this summer I had great times working with them, found great deals, even had my own girl who always made sure to take care of me and to call me to make sure I was happy. Since this summer, since my inital complaint, things have really slid. No matter how hot the deal is now, I just can't bring myself to work with them again.


Jul 11, 2008
I know this is a bit of a gravedig but I'd like to relay a positive Cambria experience.

I ordered some gloves late on Thursday afternoon my time and a fedex guy was on my doorstep early Monday morning. Given I'm in Australia I felt that was pretty good.


Nov 14, 2007
Maryland, east coast.
Ditto here. I too have had several good experiences from Cambria bike. I even had two with the notorious Jason over there that everyone bashes and one recent with a guy I think was named Mike or Joe. Can't remember. They've done well by me. Trust me, if I had a problem with any biking company, I'd post it. I just haven't ever had any. All good over here. And I'm the KING of bad luck when it comes to buying things. Although I would blast Bontrager for making a crappy King Earl carbon aluminum combo rear hub that I see now online is prone to internal breaks. I know twice now of that. 20 minute ride, crack. Replaced, 20 minute ride again, break. I've complained on RM about the 2 mile walk out of the woods in 96 degree heat I think it was. I think I got a better workout than biking that day.

P.S. Anyone want to buy a brand new set of King Earl Wheels with 40 minutes use on them and a brand new rear hub relaced all at Bontrager's expense? Comes with a 5 year warranty I hear. :biggrin: $300 plus ship. They were $650 new. Still are new. Sitting in a box in my basement waiting for a rider. Who's ready?
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