Can a bash ring be run with these?


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Feb 9, 2004
South Seattle
You could, but there are challenges. The first is the bolt pattern. It's odd. I think Blackspire and a few others make rings, but they are expensive. The second is chainline. Adding a bash to a 2 ring crank requires you to shim the bash out and use really long bolts.


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Wel, if the Yeti guys can do it why won't you?

These are regular 104mm BCD cranks. They just have a captive, proprietary nut on the chainring bolts. Just take those away, and replace for longer ones to clamp the bashguard in.

EDIT: Found a bigger picture of the Yeti, and seems like they are running the Triples with the bashguard placed as the third ring.

Anyway, here is the thread on Singletrack I took the info from.
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