Can someone explain this whole Davis-Bacon Act thing?

Davis-Bacon Act

I only know about it from the blathering I've heard on talk radio. A quick search mostly turned up stuff from union websites, not really any news stories about it.

I don't really see any up sides to it. Would lowering wages increase opportunities to get projects done down in the Gulf region? In theory I guess. My cynical side tells me it's just more money in the pockets of the big contractors, though.

I found mention of a study that debunks the notion that the act inflates costs of construction projects, but it's by a nonprofit sponsored by labor unions.

I also came across this

This is a particularly choice quote:

In addition to opening up new opportunities in the construction industry for smaller construction firms and their employees, repeal of Davis-Bacon would also return common sense and sound budgeting to federal contracting which is now rife with political favoritism and cronyism.
Ya think?

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Oct 18, 2002
The Cleft of Venus
I work daily with government construction contracts.

Yes, they do inflate construction costs and result in more money for the contractor doing the job.

I also own a construction business which does non-government work.

The price I pay for labor off base is much less (sometimes by 50%) than what we have to pay on base.