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Sep 8, 2001
directly above the center of the earth
Karma struck the evil one Mitch fell and broke his shoulder


bicycle in airplane hangar
Feb 2, 2007
Riding the baggage carousel.
Karma struck the evil one Mitch fell and broke his shoulder


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Dec 3, 2009
Cackalacka du Nord
Karma struck the evil one Mitch fell and broke his shoulder
wish it had struck a little bit...harder


bicycle in airplane hangar
Feb 2, 2007
Riding the baggage carousel.
Haha, perfect timing for my October road trip.

Whaddya wanna bet Trump takes 'credit' for it?
It's cause I bought an electric car. If I'd bought the Tacoma I was looking at oil would have doubled.


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Aug 25, 2003
In my pants
My only hope is that charles koch is seeing some of the reaction to his brother's death.

.....knowing full well his will be celebrated far more enthusiastically.


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Jan 14, 2002

So this has just came up in the last few days, although I've heard rumblings over the years on this subject.

Some backstory is there was a recent supreme court case where some Alaska guy was operating his hovercraft up a river on federal lands where that kind of travel was prohibited. Alaska has a law that require any navigable waterway to be accessible to the public, so it basically became a "states rights vs. federal rights" issue. Of course, every right-winger within 1000 miles was screaming about State's rights and how they can't regulate the waterway.

So for years this HOA has been telling people that this is a "private" lake and that "you can't boat here, because it's dangerous" and many other reasons. Google Earth shows that they, the homeowners, own around 200 boats around the lake. The lengths that they have gone (read the article) to misinform the public are extensive. Now it's come out that, yes, it is public, for the same reason, that all navigable waterways are public in AK and they can only be restricted for the purpose of other public access, etc. It even turns out that there are easements that allow access. They do own the "lakebed", but that would only give them rights when the lake is empty, so it's meaningless.

It's a classic case of rich people trying to keep something to themselves. It's not like people were ever swarming to try and float or use this lake, but the way they've handled it over the years has just been ridiculous, so now the tables are turning and all these far-right homeowners are complaining about people following and using the law...which grants them the right to access this waterway.

The homeowners are becoming unhinged and it's funny as hell. Someone started a "Storm Campbell Lake" facebook event and the comments are just gold.

If you have a few minutes, I recommend reading the story...and then if you can, the FB event is pure comedy.

the property taxes are relative to the private land they are on, including the land under the lake. Reserving use of the land only for the owners
That's cool, I only want to use the water, not the land underneath it.
Anyone else driving down from Fairbanks want to convoy? I think we can fit a max of 500 cars in the convoy
Who was the powerful business leader who called others "riff-raff"? They should have been named in the article unless the Landmine is afraid to say.
Join us in the summer of 2020 for the inaugural "Riff-RAFT summer classic". A fun, family friendly float down Campbell Creek with all your friends to the beautiful Campbell Lake!
Those are special boats that aren't used like regular people use boats tho
I've been on the lake, on a boat, and seen all the other toys parked on the docks. I guess you guys are just special and know special techniques to not disturbing the planes. By the way, planes are required to give the right away to all vessels on the lake. Moreover, again, this somehow, by some miracle, is no problem on all the other PUBLIC float plane base lakes in the area; most of which have heavier air and water traffic. Get off your high horse. Sorry you were conned into maintaining public land and thanks for all the taxes.
I think we are going to try and have some winter fatbike races on the frozen lake.

I even fielded a question at work by another agency person that was asking me if we regulated "boats at seaplane bases". I thought it was odd at the time, but we often get the opposite question, whether we regulate where people land and we don't, that's completely up to the landowner/manager.