Canadian bath-salts?


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Jun 1, 2004
Transylvania 90210
I'll just put this right here.


A suspect who allegedly killed and dismembered a man before mailing body parts across Canada has fled the country, police said, in the latest development of a case that has transfixed Canada with sordid details of porn stars and severed limbs.

A Montreal police spokeswoman said they believe evidence suggests Luka Rocco Magnotta left Canada after murdering a so-far-unidentified victim.

On Tuesday, a package containing a severed human foot was delivered to the offices of the ruling Conservative Party. Police said Canada Post intercepted a second package on its way to the opposition Liberal Party that contained a severed hand. These body parts were then linked to a torso found on the same day stuffed into a suitcase found in Montreal.

. . .

Police issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Magnotta, a 29-year-old who describes himself on online sites as a model and bisexual porn actor.


Da Peach

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Jul 2, 2002
North Van
Aaand he's left the country.

Apparently a lawyer from Utah saw a video (snuff porn) of the murder online and reported it. He was ignored.

Dirt should be more persistent next time.