Cane Creek 2011: Shocks, Seatposts and Headsets

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News & Reviews
Jun 26, 2009

Cane Creek has been holding it down for the past few years with a stellar line of headsets and their believably popular Double Barrel shock. Read on for this year's goods from the component manufacturer from NC.

The Double Barrels in various strokes and eye-to-eyes, options for everyone!

The Double Barrel mounted up on the new Phoenix from Pivot Cycles. Full report on that bike soon enough!

The adjustments on the Double Barrel for 2011 include high speed and low speed compression, high and low speed rebound, and preload.

Ti-spring equipped DB looks amazing, sorry for the lack of impartiality.

By the sounds of things Intense will be selling the M9 with the Double Barrel as a 50 dollar upgrade over the RC4...

Headsets galore; here be the 110 series, the AngleSet, the 100 series, the list goes on...

The AngleSet will come stock on this year's M9 as well; the headset offerssteeper or slacker adjustments between 0.5 to 1.5 degrees, according to the brand. By all accounts this piece of ingenuity is a game changer for DH racing.

OnePointFive headset in shiny purple.

The Thudbuster LT seatpost smooths out the trail for on-the-saddle rides, and weighs between 540 and 570 grams.

Thudbuster ST is lighter, at 454 grams, and fits into more of a recreational use category.